• iron12 DECOILERS Self-centering motorized Decoiler Self-centering braking Decoiler Double self-centering motorized Decoiler iron13 RNA/RNC Strip straightening unit iron14 iron15 COMPACT STRIP Equipment composed by cradle decoiler provided with motor big thickness strip ized rolls and by motorized pressure arm. iron16 iron17 STRIP FEEDING

    Range of machines for straightening and feeding of big thickness strips. emmebi02 emmebi03 emmebi04 Spacers for recoiler To make these particulars, we use steel with resistance to wear and to high toughness. We can make with different geometries and in case with chrome coating to accentuate this resistance. emmebi05 Lightweight spacers They are made of nylon to withstand high temperatures, we can provide them with a crown made of steel or nylon only. emmebi06 Rubberized spacer On our dpt. we make the rubber vulcanisation on tempered nucleus. The mixture use of high content of nitrile, it is sure for a max abrasion resistance. Colouring and hardness (from 65 to 90 Shore scale A) according to its use. emmebi07 emmebi08 Special rubbers spacers Made of hardened steel and then coated filimplastigom. emmebi09 Acetate spacers We have ready in our stock a wide range of thicknesses that vary depending on the requirements from 0.05mm to 0.5mm, very useful for the composition of cutting widths with tolerances on the width or non-standard. emmebi10 Slittin line spacers Made in steel with heat treatment final hardness 52÷56 HRc, we take care in the least particulars. The surface finish, only for thickness higher than 3 mm. for example, we make surface lapping, that is a guarantee for the highest precision of thickness, parallelism and flatness. emmebi11 emmebi12